CSE has been granted the Operation Growth Award and Fleet Expansion Award by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. many times because of its outstanding operational performance. CSE participates with the award of Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, and granted “Excellent” in 2013, “Silver” in 2014, “Gold” in 2015, and “Gold” of transportation industry in 2016. Practicing the corporate culture which emphasizes the values of teamwork, entrepreneurial approaches, down-to-earthiness and pursuit of innovation, it sets the goal of creating the most benefits for all stakeholders and continues to pursue sustainable operations and development.

  • Honored with TSCA 2019 Substainable Shipping Award; Taiwan Top 50 Enterprise Award
  • Promote Smart Ship, establish satellite communication and Telemedicine by Fleet Express
  • Keep the vessels built and sold for Fleet vitality
  • Reinforce the Marintime Cyber Security Management
  • Honored with TSCA 2018 Substainable Award; Taiwan Top 50 Enterprise Shipping Award, and Top 50 Substainable Performance
  • Coorrdinating with China Ship Building Co., ChungHwa Telecom, and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital to develope Smart Ship and Telemedicine
  • Four vessels retrofit SOx Scrubber by IMO requirements for marine fuel sulfur content
  • Four PANAMA flag vessels convert in R.O.C. flag
  • Honored with MOTC 2017 Green Shipping Development Award; Operation Award, Outstanding Performance; Port Operation Development Award; Fleet Expansion Award; Intern Students on Board Award
  • ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certificated,Implement ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001/CNS15506 verified
  • Honored with TSCA 2016 Outstanding Performance; Operation Award, Outstanding Performance
  • One PANAMAX type ship sold
  • Delivery of the new "China Steel Vision"
  • Four over-age specialized vessels of the second phase and two steel-product transport ships sold
  • Delivery of the new "CSE Wisdom Express, China Steel Exploration, China Steel Success and others"
  • The office on the 33rd floor of Bao Chen Building was sold in July to utilize the idle assets.
  • Honored with MOTC 2014 Green Shipping Development Award, Outstanding Performance; Operation Award, Outstanding Performance; Port Operation Development Award, the Third Prize; Fleet Expansion Award, Outstanding Performance; Intern Students on Board, the Second Prize
  • Among the "Taiwan Large Enterprises TOP 50" by China Credit Information Service 2015 (for corporate performance in 2014), this Company ranked thefirst in Service Performance, and the second in Business Performance Mixed Ranking
  • Delivery of the new "CSE Glory Express, CSE Fortune Express, CSE Bravery Express and China Steel Endeavor"
  • Honored with Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) 2014, Silver Medal in the Service Industry of Large Enterprises of Taiwan Top 50 Enterprise Sustainability Report Award
  • AEO (Certified Quality Enterprise) certification completed
  • Honored with 2013 MOTC Port Operation Development, Outstanding Performance; Fleet Expansion Award, Outstanding Performance; the Number of Domestic Maritime College Students on Board and Their Total Number of Days, the Third Prize; Green Shipping Development, Outstanding Performance; Number of Intern Students on Board, the Third Prize
  • The office on the 32nd floor of Bao Chen Building was sold in October to utilize the idle assets.
  • Ranked among the Top Five Excellence Award in CSC Group's "Green-Living Program Assessment"
  • Honored with 2012 MOTC certification and commendation, Operating Growth Award, Outstanding Performance; the Number of Domestic Maritime College Students on Board, the Second Prize, and Their Total Number of Days, the Third Prize
  • Office relocation in the CSC Group Building
  • Delivery of the new "China Steel Challenge" and "China Steel Sustainability"
  • Honored with Extra Excellence Award in the Service Industry of "Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR)" 2012, given by the Vice President of ROC
  • The ISO14064 greenhouse gas emission examination passed
  • Purchase of one new capesize bulker from the shipyard in Japan (205,000 DWT)
  • Certification of TOSHMS
  • The Sales Department is expanded into Sales Department I and Sales Department II
  • "Design of Bonus Variation Linked with the Business Objectives" assisted and assessed by Willis Towers Watson
  • "Overall Salary Competitiveness Analysis" assisted by Willis Towers Watson
  • Four over-age specialized vessels of the first phase and one Panamax sold
  • Business with non-CSC Group accounted for 64.79% of the gross margin
  • The earning before tax of NTD10.6 billion hit a record high, with EPS up to 25.09.
  • Delivery of the new CAPE "China Steel Entrepreneur" and "China Steel Realist" (The largest DWT then in Taiwan)
  • Delivery of the new CAPE "China Steel Team" (The largest DWT now in Taiwan) and the new HANDY "CSE Prosperity Express"
  • The 10th anniversary of this Company
  • Business with non-CSC Group reaching 52.73%
  • Certification of ISO14001 and OSHAS18001
  • Delivery of the new "CSE Clipper Express", later rented by a Swiss shipping service operator for 3 years
  • This year, a total of 10 vessels is on long-term lease, sailing along the international ports of the five continents. Besides, two new vessels are rented from SANKO and rents out at the peak of the shipping market on long-term(3 years) lease.
  • The earning before tax of NTD4.315 billion, a new record high, with the EPS of 10.21
  • The business with Non-CSC Group accounted for 46% of the whole year; "Profit Incentive Bonus" and "Employee Dividend Allocation Formula" of this Company were revised on a larger scale to motivate the staff for contribution.
  • ISPS Certification completed
  • Three new CAPE and two Handy expected to be operational within 4 years
  • At least six specialized vessels on mid- or short-term lease; business with non- CSC Group reaching more than 30%
  • The Company's integrated computerized ERP operating system completed
  • ISPS Code Training for the crew started
  • China Steel Responsibility joining operation
  • "High-level Seminar on the Future Development Strategy and Planning for the Company" organized
  • All the crew completed STCW95 Training
  • Self-built PANAMAX (CSE Fortune Express, Harmony Express) and CAPE (China Steel Excellence and China Steel Growth, China Steel Integrity) joining operation, sailing the international ports of Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia
  • Capital increase by retained earning(Actual Receipt Capital NTD4.225 billion)
  • The "Express Network Operation and Information System Development" promoted
  • The Computer Information System of the finished vessels of Taiwan and Japan completed
  • The stone-material self-unloader joining operation
  • Certification of the ISO9001
  • Capital increase by retained earning (Actual Receipt Capital NTD3.288 billion)
  • Manage Prosperity I & II on behalf of Taiwan Power Company
  • Two CAPE (two-year lease) and four PANAMAX for charter
  • Starting the shipping operations of steel goods on the Taiwan-Japan route; allied with Japanese shipping corporations
  • Naming and delivery of two finished ships "Bonanza Express, Concord Express, 10,000 DWT each)
  • ISM Shipping Safety Certification completed
  • Into the HANDY shipping
  • Naming and delivery of one CAPE of the second phase (China Steel Developer, 153,000 DWT)
  • Yun Yang Shipping (Singapore) Company established (for PANAMAX shipping)
  • Four CAPE and one PANAMAX for charter
  • Naming and delivery of three CAPE of the second phase (China Steel Express, China Steel Trader, China Steel Investor, 153,000 DWT each)
  • China Steel Express Corporation was established in February,1996, with the capital of NTD2.5 billion.  On June 1, this Company officially started its business and signed a shipping contract with China Steel Corporation.