China Steel Express Corporation (CSE), established in February, 1996, is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC with a paid-in capital of N.T.$ 4.225 billion. CSE’s scope of business includes shipping services for raw materials, ship chartering, operational management of ships, operation of a shipping agency, shipping of steel products, etc. Its missions are to ensure a smooth supply of raw materials for the CSC Group, reduce transportation costs, maintain stable deployment of ships, and achieve the CSC Group’s goals for growth and diversification. To protect the earth and the oceans, CSE not only strictly abides by all relevant domestic and international laws and regulations but also follows MARPOL developed by IMO to adopt concrete measures to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect, and prevent air pollution caused by all vessels. In addition, the applicaton of the Energy Efficiency Design Index, EEDI, in new shipbuilding projects has been implemented to build ECO ships. The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, SEEMP, has also been implemented on all vessels to ensure the most energy-efficient operations. CSE has commissioned research institutions of ship technology to develop new energy saving methods and has placed new shipbuilding orders to qualified shipyards that are capable of building ECO ships with high efficiency.


  As of January 2022, CSE owns 23 vessels including seventeen 200,000-DWT, two 35,000-DWT and two 28,000-DWT multi-purpose handy size carriers, one 19,000-DWT self-unloading vessel carrying limestone, and two 12,000-DWT small handy size carriers for carrying steel products. The scale of his fleet is over 3.69 million DWT.
CSE has been granted the Operation Growth Award and Fleet Expansion Award by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. many times because of its outstanding operational performance. CSE participates with the award of Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, and has been granted awards continuously since 2013. In 2021, CSE has been granted "Platinum" in transportation industry and Top 50 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Awards.
Practicing the corporate culture which emphasizes the values of teamwork, entrepreneurial approaches, down-to-earthiness and pursuit of innovation, it sets the goal of creating the most benefits for all stakeholders and continues to pursue sustainable operations and development.


  To upgrade the quality of shipping for imported steelmaking raw materials and export of steel products of the CSC Group, CSE will provide ECO ships, set the operational goal of replacing old vessels with new ones, follow the requirements of international conventions on ships and port states, be devoted to the navigational safety of the fleet and maintenance of the marine environment, and reduce the emissions of harmful gases. Furthermore, due to the volatile fluctuations and rapid changes of the bulk carrier freight market, it will focus on enhancing its market forecast capabilities, which will serve as the decision-making guidelines for investment, in order to get hold of the correct timing for investment so as to reduce operational risks. In coordination with the government’s policy on green energy and the developmental strategy of the CSC Group’s wind power business, it has branched out into the offshore marine engineering business to reach the goal of diversification for itself and the CSC Group.



Chiu-Po Chang, Chairman
Chien Ming Hsu, President
Dennis Lin, Vice President
Liho Hsu, Vice President
Ching-Chun Meng, General Manager, Administration Dept.
Chun-Ting Li, General Manager, Commercial Dept. I
Y. S. Chen, General Manager, Commercial Dept. II 
Hsin-Ta Lee, General Manager, Finance Dept.
Chien-Hsing Li, General Manager, Marine Dept.
Lingpang Tseng, General Manager, Technical Dept.
Pei-Wen Hsu, Chief Auditor, Internal Audit Office
Chun-Ming Chen, Chief Auditor, Occupational Safety and Health Office



Welcome to establish social clubs to hold all kinds of activities and public welfare services.

The company encourages the establishment of associations, sports, tourism and public welfare activities.

Sea gallery in an atmosphere of arts

The saloon, galleries and rooms aboard the vessel are decorated with copper sculptures, large-scale calligraphy works, various kinds of works of art, and photographs taken by employees of CSC Group.

Humanized living space of cabin

  • The crew’s quarters at both sides of the saloon are connected with each other to provide a more spacious living space with recreational function.
  • Broader gangway on the upper deck/ Widened alleyway and ladders.
  • The design of the accommodation spaces for the crew members is more humanized, and each accommodation space is equipped with sanitary and bathroom equipment.
  • An additional shaft generator is installed, so the use of diesel generator can be suspended temporarily during sailing in order to reduce the noise in the engine room.