2021 Verification ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 9001:2015
2018 Verification ISO9001:2015, and ISO14001:2015
2014 2014 Passed the verification of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator):Customs administration, Ministry of Finance, R.O.C.
2012 Passed the verification of TOSHMS : Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certificate.
2011 Passed the verification of ISO14064:Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Report(2011).
2005 Passed the verification of ISO14001/OHSAS18001: Environmental Protection/Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
2004 Passed the verification of ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security)
1999 Passed the verification of ISO9001: Quality Administration System
1997 Passed the verification of ISM (International Safety Management)


Quality Policy of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System:

  1. Promote the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System, and devote ourselves to continuous improvement.
  2. Raise the operation standard of staff, and strengthen the professional technical services.
  3. Ensure the quality, environment, safety and health performance of sea transport and stevedoring services, and fully meet the needs of customers.
  4. Observe the related laws and regulations, ensure achievement of the core goal of safety in staff, vessel and cargo, and have the mission of marine environment and ecology protection.


As a professional shipping company, we uphold the tenets of sustainability in operation. Apart from providing and continuously improving the working environment that is related to the safety and health of staff, the company takes marine environment protection and marine pollution prevention as the important goals of its operation and management.

1. Protection of the Environment
Reinforce the control and improvement of marine environment pollution, and work hard on the prevention of accidents and the decrease of environmental impacts brought by emergency incidents.

2. Safety and Health
Protect the safety and health of our staff, identify the hazard, and carry out risk assessment and control, so as to gradually shape a culture of appropriate safety and health, prevent any harm at work and facilitate health of staff so as to achieve the goal of zero accident.

3. Observe Laws and Regulations:
Observe the relevant international laws and regulation of vessel safety, marine environment protection, safety and health so as to ensure practical implementation of Environment, Safety and Health Management System.

4. Continuous Improvement:
Through raising awareness and communication with all the staff, subcontractors and the interested parties, we keep on improving Environment, Safety and Health Management System in order to enhance the overall performance of the company’s Environment, Safety and Health Management System.

5. Concern about Education:
Through education and training, the company strengthens our environmental protection, safety and health consciousness, including hazard prediction, pollution prevention, energy saving and carbon emission reduction. Besides, we actively improve the emergency response capability of the company, decrease the occurrence of disaster and control the damages incurred by incidents in order to ensure the efficacy of our Management System. In addition, through active participation, consultation and negotiation, our staff are made to recognize their responsibilities and obligations in the Environment, Safety and Health Management System.